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    wire & tube china 2010

    wire & tube china 2010

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                                         wire & tube china 2010

    21st Sep,in Shanghai,with drizzle in  the early autumn,we take part in the  wire & tube china 2010.
    Wire/Tube China 2010 exhibition is scheduled  on 21-24 September, once again taking place at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC). The SNIEC is a world class venue with excellent facilities for exhibitors.
    It is a sensational event in the wire&tube circle which attracts global buyers all over the world.Having successfully drawn a great number of prestigious buyers,we get touch with a lot of famous buyers who are always excellent and reputable in this business circle.We also met some old friends which were our clients,and based on our good cooperation in the past,we may start to have another deal. A great number of famous members visited our booth for business opportunities,and we welcomed everybody  with matured experience in tubes.We are looking forward to doing business with those who shared a common benefit with us!
    Our booth No. was E3 G41.We exhibited our latest tubes,ie BA tubes and AP tubes.We mainly engaged in cold rolled&drawn seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes. 
     Stainless Steel pipe specifications
    Stainless steels are iron-based alloys usually containing at least 12%
    chromium. Other elements, nickeI being the most Important, may be added in combination with chromium to obtain special properties.
    Stainless steels are highly resistant to corrosive attack and to oxidation
    at high temperatures. in general, resistance to corrosion and oxidation
    increases progressively, though not proportionately, with the increase in
    chromium content.
    Stainless steel pipe and tubing are used for a variety of reasons: to resist
     corrosion and oxidation, to resist high temperatures, for cleanliness
     and low maintenance costs, and to maintain the purity of materials which come In contact with stainless. The inherent characteristics of stainless steel permits the design of thin wall piping systems without fear of early failure due to corrosion.
    Type 304 stainless is the most widely used for general corrosive resistant tubing and pipe applications, it is used in chemical plants,
     refineries, paper mills, and food processing industries. Type 304 has a
     maximum carbon content of .08%. It is not recommended for use in the
     temperature range between 800° F and 1650° F due to carbide precipitation at the grain boundaries which can result in inter-granular corrosion and early failure under certain conditions.
     Type 304L. Is the same as 304 except that a .03% maximum carbon content .
     Type 318 is much more resistant to pitting than otherchromium nickel alloys due to the addition of 2% to 3% molybdenum. it is particularly valuable wherever acids, brines, sulphur water, seawater or halogen salts are encountered. Type 316 is widely used in the sulphite paper industry and for manufacturing chemical plant apparatus, photographic equipment, and plastics.

     Type 316L, like 304L, is held to a maximum carbon content of .03%. This
     permits its use in welded assemblies without the need of final heat
     treatment. It is used extensively for pipe assemblies with welded fitting..
     Other fields where stainless steel pipe and tubing are used are: aviation,
    electronics, automotive, cyrogenic, marine, air conditioning and heating,
     medical, architectural and textiles.
     ASTM A-312/ASME SA-312,
     ASTM A-269/ASME SA-269
     ASTM A-213/ASME SA-213
    And so on .
    Again.thank you so much for your visiting to our booth.
    We are looking forward to meeting you in the next show 2012.
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