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    Key Word:
    Development of steel industry

    Development of steel industry

    Principles for the global

    Speaking from the content, the company''s information technology coverage is very broad, involving many professionals and application software systems using more
    Species, but also require the seamless integration between software systems, can not form islands of information. From the time of speaking, the company''s information technology
    Construction is not done overnight to the general will continue three to five years or even longer. Therefore, in the beginning of project implementation, the letter
    Rate of the overall planning is very important. Planning the content integrity, and for the overall situation, take into consideration to ensure the integration of the application system
    (The interface can be realized), the application system and technology platform consistency or compatibility of hardware systems to meet the application and so on.Regulation
    Program is complete, later phases of the implementation of the project will be to plan the program for the guidance and direction, and in the specific implementation process, show consideration for large
    Bureau, and always follow the "global-oriented" principle.

    Principles for the future

    Information technology planning must take into account the company''s long-term development and applications in the future function extension. Given the company''s operating environment
    Position in the global economic integration, and ultimately the formation and the upstream and downstream partners, closely connected to efficient information systems.For example, for company management
    Management system of planning, not only now need to take into account the company''s internal ERP systems, purchasing, sales, production, finance, management, also
    To consider the future of e-commerce platform, customer relationship management and business intelligence and decision support systems, a higher level of application.Because
    This, planning to follow the "future-oriented" principle.

    On the other hand, the future, including software and hardware technology advanced.Information technology to the use of advanced management concepts, namely,
    Computer technology and methods. Not only reflect today''s advanced level, but also has potential for development, to ensure that dominant in the next few years to
    Bit, and a smooth transition to next-generation technologies.

    Principle of openness

    The company''s information to consider the future development of construction projects, planning the content of broad, including business management system (ERP / CRM / SCM / SEM
    Etc.), office automation systems, corporate portals, measurement systems, quality systems, production equipment and control systems, these systems do not come from
    The same area, different manufacturers, among them a fully integrated program will be an important part of planning. Therefore, choosing the software system must
    Full account of its openness and standardization. That is, to take into account the data transfer between systems and interface development can be realized.

    Full use of existing resources

    Most steel companies have had a good basis for the underlying automation in various processes have been partly or wholly owned by the DCS system or
    PLC and so on. In addition, the widespread application of total quality system, has been between the company and the plant material out of the measurement data (the data sheet lbs)
    Collected and unified into a database. The entire production process of these systems have played an important role. In the information technology implementation process,
    To take full advantage of these existing resources.

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